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Top Knot Alpaca Farm Welcomes YOU!!!

Purchasing from us will provide you with something unique. We have done everything on our own from selecting our first alpacas, to halter training, to being the general contractor on the barn we built. We have done extensive research and will offer all of our knowledge and expertise to new or experienced breeders. We know what it is like to start at ground zero and we have the time and patience to dedicate to a new breeder (which many of the larger farms simply do not have the time to do). It was not long ago that we were the new kids on the block. We know how intimidating that can be and want to help you to make the right decisions for YOU. Being new, it is important to make the right purchasing decision, which you will quickly learn does not only mean the right fit for the alpacas you select, but also the farm who will mentor you. You can count on honesty, guidance, training, and healthy animals from Top Knot Alpaca Farm. We would be happy to have you come for a farm visit anytime!

Honey Bee give Sandy a hug
Firecracker WINS BLUE and gives Kisses too!

Honey Bee's 1st cria Gracie takes BLUE


Quality is what we pride ourselves on at Top Knot Alpaca Farm. We specialize in breeding Full Peruvian Huacaya alpacas for Excellence. At Top Knot Alpaca Farm, every decision is made after extensive research and not before we are confident in getting the results we striving to achieve. Our farm is in Chesterland, a little city within the well known area of Northeastern Ohio, known as Geauga County.

One of our family traditions is to attend the Great Geauga County Fair every year. In September 2007, we once again passed through the alpaca tent. Here we decided to stop and talk with some of the farmers and discover what this industry was all about. Always being a family of animal lovers, we were very interested after learning what a terrific investment opportunity this new business could provide, while allowing our land to work for us. After visiting countless farms, attending seminars & shows and reading everything we could get our hands on, we made our first purchase in December 2007.

Top Knot Alpaca Farm is a warm, friendly & clean place where each animal is important. We do all our own farm maintenance, routine shots, toenails, halter training, etc. Each animal’s personality is well known and every animal is body scored, talked to, and weighed on a regular basis. We have a brand new and spectacular two story 17’ x 37’ pole barn with 12’ wrap-around overhangs. Some of the features include 13 foot ceilings, equestrian grade mats, several hay areas, & multiple water buckets. Our animals are fed the highest grade orchard hay, the highest grade grain & offered water with electrolytes. Each alpaca’s weight is carefully monitored to promote the highest degree of health and the production of the best possible elite fleece. To ensure our animals are the safest they can be, we have a 6’ privacy fence surrounding the entire back of the property. We also have 2 state of the art hardwired cameras to be able to watch “alpacavison” while in the house.We have an intense desire to produce elite alpacas that will not only win all the ribbons, but also steal the hearts of the people. We are able to accomplish this by starting with our amazing foundation. Upon that, we have built by seeking out the herdsires that have everything to add such as lineage, color, fineness, density, amplitude, architecture, square frame, typey head (just to name a few) and of course the award list to boot! We also analyze his dam and sire’s production and show history, as well as any offspring if it exists. So far so good! This infatuation with striving for perfection is the driving force in Top Knot Alpaca Farm.

We are happy to create a customized creative financing plan for our buyers. Please contact us to create a plan that will work for your budget. Financing/Term/Warrantees/Guarnatees etc listed are to be applied only to alpacas wholly owned by Top Knot Alpaca Farm.

All of our alpacas come with full warrantees and reproduction/live cria guarantees. All buyers get 24/7 farm support.